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“Thank you so much Laurel for so perfectly capturing Olivia's spirit! You were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to another photo shoot with you!”


Hey there! My name is Laurel...

... and I am a proud mom of two awesome boys, a baby whisperer and obsessed with all things tiny (seriously, I drive a Mini Cooper)! I have a crazy desire to touch and snuggle just about every baby and child I see. I am in awe of the newborn who is pure, innocent and untouched by the unsavory things in this world, to the teenager who is unknowingly about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime known as adulthood and everything in between. My heart is full when I am capturing littles as they explore the world around them and am delighted when I am no longer a stranger to them but someone that they trust and feel comfortable showing their true personality to. I will rock them to sleep, make weird noises and funny faces that I would never make without a camera in my hand and sit in the mud to capture these moments for you. Let me tell you, these days will be gone before you know it. Let's document their story together!

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